• The Marble Caves

    Ruta 7, km 230 .

    The Marble Caves, an intriguing geological formation formed by two islands and several caves of marble polished by the turquoise coloured water of the lake.

  • La Confluencia del Rio Baker y Rio Nef

    Carretera Austral, Ruta 7, 12 km south of the village Puerto Bertrand .

    A ground drop on the water course of the Baker River, of over 10 meters high, creates a huge waterfall and a sharp contrast between the turquoise waters of Baker River and the milky waters of Nef River.

    The Baker River is the longest and most abundant river of Chile, with its 200 km of length and its average flow of 870 cubic meters per second.

  • Patagonia National Park

    Valle Chacabuco .

    Patagonia Park contains and protects the highest levels of biodiversity found in Chile’s Aysen region. Home to many endangered species, such as the nationally treasured huemul deer, puma, and Andean condor, the park provides scientists and wildlife lovers alike the chance to experience these rare species first hand.

    Nosy guanacos frequent the Lodge lawns and campgrounds, huemul line the banks of Lake Cochrane, and pink Chilean flamingos bathe near the banks of Lake Seco. Whether you are hiking the trails or gazing out of the Lodge windows, the park’s wildlife is sure to captivate and inspire. 

  • Glaciar and Lake Leones

    Valle Leones .

    Valle Leones is one of the most beautiful valleys in our region.

    As the road entering the valley is not a public road the valley still breathes the atmosphere of the past. The valley is still dominated by nature and the families of the first settlers who came to the Leones valley in the 40th of the 20th century. 

    As the road is not well maintained, the valley is ideal for trekking and horse back riding.